Workshop Testimonials


Maili Dinim

Yoga Teacher & Natural Foods Chef

Facebook: Maili Dinim Yoga Life
Twitter ID: @MailiDinim
Website: MailiDinim

 Maili completed all three workshops – iPhone Photography, Social Media Excellence and Blogging Excellence

Maili Dinim
Maili Dinim

Cat feeds you the information, over the few days, steadily and then the last day there is a comprehensive re-cap. The re-cap is totally necessary as there is a lot of information and re-visiting it quickly puts it all in perspective. So, basically it’s dummy proof.

The fact that Cat has spent a million hours collating all the apps, websites, tools, and most importantly, strategy necessary to be successful at photography, blogging and social media. With no research at all and in a few days I went from a novice to feeling like I have an edge over most people in the photography, blogging and social media realm.

Meeting interesting people from the Island who I might not otherwise get to spend time with.

Would you recommend this course(s): 


Any further comment?

The location is beautiful, the food is good and the whole thing is a lot of fun.

February, 2015

Amanda Matalavea

Events Organiser – Concierge Service

Facebook: Bespoke ibiza
Twitter ID: @bespokeIBIZA
Website: Bespoke-IBIZA

“Creativity unleashed and ready for preparation for yet another fabulous season.” 

Fortunate to do all 3 of Cats courses and I would recommend them all!  
Spoilt with Cats informative programmes and the food provided by Simon from Agroturismo Morna,
I left inspired (and full) and I am  now enjoying putting my new skills into place. 

iPhone Photography Course – 5 Days

Being able to now take photos that portray what I see and feel is so special! Now I can share this too with the world.
Thank you Cat for this! 

Social Media Excellence Workshop – 3 Days

So much I didn’t know! So many tricks of the trade to make it easier and effective! I now understand how to make my Social Media strategy clear and precise and fun. I’m looking forward to implementing this! 

Blogging Excellence Workshop: – 4 Days

“Wow!”  a word..
I didn’t know much about blogging but now I am able to tell good blogs from bad. I’ve also learnt the clever techniques to write one easily!

February, 2015

Kiwi Pfingsten

Business Coach

Facebook: Kiwi Pfingsten
Twitter ID: @KiwiPfingsten
Website: Kiwi Pfingsten

3 things I enjoyed most about the course: 

  • I enjoyed meeting new people and also people with a ‘drive’ for business and learning
  • The variety of the information and their immediate application within the course
  • The entertaining and at the same time professional presentation. 

I would certainly recommend this course for all the above reasons, and because you learn a lot while having good fun with nice people!! And of course, not to forget, the food is just awesome!! 

I think, I have got all the knowledge to get my social media and blogging going, right now. It was absolutely worthwhile being part of this course!! 

February, 2015


Make-up Artist 

Twitter ID: @TahneeScarletz


 I can’t keep it to just 3 sorry, I just can’t.

  • The location ,a charming old finca , surrounded by blooming almond blossoms. Tick, yes please.
  • Master chief Simon’s breakfast and lunch, WARNING – you may need to factor in a diet afterwards
  • Guest chef, Bryonys Gluten Free Lemon Tart.
  • Morning greetings of Fresh coffee and Potter love, (Potter – the friendly pup)
  • Core Group – There was a brilliant bunch of people, getting to know them and bouncing ideas of one another, was really helpful (and now I miss the all a bit too) .
  • Obviously the teacher, Cat Milton. There was a lot of information to take on board but Cat makes the whole process very enjoyable. 

I would highly recommend this course!

Doing this course was like stepping out of a Social Media sandstorm onto Salinas beach.

Social Media has always made me nervous but I now feel prepared and well equipped to take it on, head first! 

#thankyoucatmilton 😀

Journo Jin

Freelance Journalist

Facebook: JournoJin
Twitter ID: @JournoJin
Website: Journo Jin

It is no exaggeration to say that I found Cat’s Social Media Excellence course and Blogging Excellence course absolutely invaluable.  

Both were really well-planned and organised, with the days all structured to perfection. Cat’s expertise and enthusiasm for these subjects was contagious! And her ability and willingness to share her knowledge so clearly (much of which was completely new to me) was beyond awesome. Add to this her choice of venue, Agroturismo Morna, with its idyllic location, lovely people and food to die for, and this intense learning curve was the most fun I’ve had in a long time! 

Truly inspirational, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Cat’s courses to everyone!

February, 2015

 Louisa Collyns

Free Diver and Pilates Instructor

Facebook: Deep Reflection Pilates and Free Diving
Twitter: @LouLaMona
Website Deep Reflection Pilates and Free Diving

I decided to take the [blogging] course because I need/want to put Ibiza on the freediving map, and create a market for my pilates and freediving training, and the wellbeing retreats I want to start running on a regular basis. 

I’m also working for an internet hosting company co-writing blog articles (and handling social media for them and one of their clients), so I want to ensure my skills are as good as they can be.

My three favourite things about the course were:

  • Cat! and the many many great things I learnt;
  • meeting really great people;
  • gorgeous location and food (and the fact I could bring my dog!)

I would definitely recommend the workshop.

The course was really informative and full of tips, shortcuts and handy ways to make your work more polished. Cat took personal interest in everyone’s business and made sure we all got plenty of her attention, and since the course was based on ‘doing’ we got to try out the cool new tips and practice how to structure our blogs.

February, 2015

Thank you to everyone who took the time to send in Feedback – I am most grateful!

If anyone would like further information on the Ibiza Workshops, typically run between October – March each year, please visit Workshops Ibiza.