Social media Excellence Workshop

Workshop – Social Media Excellence, Ibiza. March, 2015

Social media Excellence Workshop

Facebook and Twitter Workshop
(Beginner to Advanced)


Social Media can seem like such a great thing!

After all,

  • it’s free,
  • has the potential to reach millions of people,
  • many of whom could become clients…

So, you set up your Facebook Page and perhaps even your Twitter account, post a few things that sound cool and wait… and wait… and wonder what to post next… and how do those successful pages become successful anyway, huh?… and wait a bit more.

Nothing really happens beyond a few supportive friends and family liking your page. Oh.

Social Media can, for the inexperienced, be akin to trying to build a fabulous house, in which to welcome friends, family and admirers.

To build that house though, you need

  • a great set of plans,
  • know where to go for all those building resources (the cheaper the better – let’s offer ‘free‘!) and then to
  • maintain it, so it doesn’t become like a decrepit, run down, needs-a-fresh-coat-of-paint derelict shell.

Unfortunately, the cliche ‘Build it and they will come’ doesn’t work so well these days…

You need to know how to showcase it well enough that people are begging you for an invitation to dinner, long weekend stay or more.

That’s what this Social Media Facebook and Twitter workshop is about.

It’s intensive, fun and from word ‘GO!‘ helps you build that incredible place that everyone wants to visit and explore.


This course is designed for those who already have Facebook (Business) Pages and Twitter profiles but don’t really know how to leverage them to enhance their business or brand.

A Beginners workshop that, by completion, will give you

  • Advanced skills,
  • confidence,
  • knowledge and
  • the ability to forge ahead independently.

NB. It’s also a great refresher course for those with years of experience that haven’t had time (Lordie, we understand that!) to keep up to date with the latest advances and ‘tricks’ for Facebook and Twitter.

Please see Tesimonials from others that have completed this Workshop



  • Assessment.
    Pre-workshop assessment:
    – have your Facebook Page assessed before the course starts.
    Thereafter monthly for 3 months in a full report, including personalised effective, efficient and easy to apply tips, to improve further.Assessment is a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of what
    – your fans are responding to,
    – how to enhance that,
    – how to stop wasting time or to re-present those ideas that your fans aren’t responding to, plus MUCH more
    Please note, for your peace of mind, Admin access is not needed for this assessment, simply the Page URL.BONUS: This assessment and feedback alone, across 3 months, is worth the value of this entire course!
  • Bespoke Strategy.
    Create a bespoke strategy for your Page,
    Clarify and enhance your brand,
    Ensure you reach the right people or businesses at the right time,
    in a manner that is easy for you to control, maintain and maximise results.
  • Content.
    What content works best.
    Where to find content (how to have content come to you!)
    How to create content, whatever your industry or purpose.
    How best to share that content.
    How to have people respond to your content so that it brings €€
    into your business.
  •  Images.
    Where to find free images and
    How to best present your own for maximum engagement.

Free tools that combined with this course ensure you can ‘wash, rinse and repeat’ for success across any industry / pages you build (very useful for Social Media managers overseeing a multitude of businesses)

– Facebook Page security,
– Resources for competitions, promotions, and much more.
– Psyc’ Hour -where we look at what people respond to best (ie. how to make a post go viral) and how you can shape that to fit your business.


  •  How to build a powerful Twitter bio.
  • How to find your audience
  • How to engage with that audience.
  • – Where to find content,
  • – How to position yourself in front of people so they want to engage with you!
  • Discover who your most powerful and useful connections are and how to encourage them to support you!

Everything that is taught throughout the workshop requires no further investment except for your time in maintaining your Facebook Page / Twitter profile – according to a purpose built strategy that is easy for you to maintain.

There are no app’s or services to purchase.

Nonetheless you will complete the workshop with a comprehensive ‘toolbox’ (the latest, best, time-saving app’s and ‘tricks’) to assist you.


To attend the course you will need: –

  • Notepad
  • Pen.
  • Laptop
    – Wifi is provided by the venue.NB. this workshop is ‘hands on’ rather than ‘death by PowerPoint’.
    You’ll learn by doing, hence ‘workshop’ rather than course.
    We want you to leave with experience, not a stack of notes!

Workshop Schedule, Location and Cost


The Course is approximately 12hrs of intensive learning and doing.
This will be broken down across three days.

Dates: Wednesday, 18th March – Friday, 20th March, 2015
Time: 0945hrs -1345hrs

Prompt time-keeping is appreciated as the workshop is intensive!


I am very pleased to confirm the Social Media Excellence workshop will be hosted by Agroturismo Morna, in Morna Valley, Ibiza.

Agroturismo Morna is easy to find and a perfect setting for learning.

Private Chef, Simon Johnson of CookIbiza will be providing lunch each day of the workshop.

Lunch by Private Chef

Our host throughout is Simon A. Johnson, private chef behind CookIbiza. Simon and team will provide tea, coffee throughout the morning and at 1315hrs each day, serve lunch.

Workshop Price.

»EarlyBird Discount

If booked before midnight, Sunday, 01st March – € 199 – offer now closed out

»Standard Booking

Applicable to all bookings between Monday, 02nd March – Friday, 13th March, 2015 – € 249

» Bring a friend

If you’d like to attend with your partner, friend, etc, you’re invited to a 10% discount per person.
Can be used with Early Bird Discount.

With Early Bird – € 179 per person
Standard -€ 224 per person

» Refresher Discount

Previous students who wish to undertake a refresher course, can book for €149

Payment can be made by either Paypal or in cash but please note, full payment must be received prior to offer ending / Course commencement to secure your place*

Reserve Your Place!

Please use the Contact Form below for any further queries or to reserve your place.

NB. The Contact Form seems to be glitching. Please feel most welcome to contact me directly via gentlewhisper71[at]
I’m so sorry for the inconvenience!


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