FULLY BOOKED – Workshop – Blogging Excellence. Ibiza. February, 2015




Blogs allow you to Attract, Engage and Acquire an audience – be that fans of your idea or paying customers for your business.

Almost any business, service or individual can benefit from running a blog.

This Blogging Excellence workshop is designed to ensure those who know nothing about blogging complete the four days and have all the tools and knowledge needed to be successful.

Simply put, this workshop will give you your voice.

Why blog?

Don’t you just hate it when you’ve got a great business, a great idea, a charity and you just can’t get anyone interested? You’ve got everything set up but somehow you just can’t find your audience – or if you can, blowed if they’ll buy or invest. It is here that blogging can really turn things around for you – and once you know how, it’s remarkably easy!

You will learn –

On this four day intensive workshop you’ll learn how to: –

  • Find your audience
  • Find and create Great Content
  • Convert your audience into interested, engaged, paying customers
  • How to work smarter, not harder

For the full itinerary, please see below.

The Key to Success –

Blogs are becoming their own Small Media Companies and what you can achieve through a blog, well maintained and run (you’ll learn how, with minimum effort on the workshop), can defy belief.
The bottom line is that if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got.If that needs to change …

 if you’ve a desire to do better,
to be more successful,
this workshop is for you.

Learn how to use the tools and strategies offered on this workshop and you’ll start to get the results you’ve been working so hard for.

Who is this Blogging Excellence workshop for?

This 4 day intensive workshop is designed to benefit

  • individuals,
  • entrepreneurs,
  • charities,
  • networkers, and those in the
  • B2B or
  • B2C sectors.

Limited Capacity –

This Blogging Excellence workshop has a limited capacity (I want to make sure I’ve time to work well with everyone on their specific blog) Further I shall only be running two of these courses before next winter. Please see below for workshop price and Special Offers

(NB. The Special Offers are time limited)

See below for–

  • Full workshop itinerary
  • Dates, Prices and Special Offers
  • Contact form to reserve your place


Lunch by Private Chef is included for each day!

Full Itinerary

  • 7 Reasons why a Blog can sky-rocket your business
  • 5 myths about Blogging
  • What is the ONE HUGE advantage Blogging has over Social Media – the advantage your competitors forget! (or don’t know…)
  • The 2 CORE types of Content your audience are seeking
  • 6 ways of presenting your content that will have your audience coming back for more
  • 29 ideas for articles and great headlines
  • 8 Ways to effortlessly find and curate content
  • 2 ways to structure an article that will keep people reading until the end.
  • 2 places to find good high quality images – for FREE
  • How to create viral content
  • How to build a Bespoke Strategy for your Blog AND Social Media presence
  • BONUS – cheatsheet for Editorial and Social Media scheduling.
  • 3 simple ways to make a passive income through your Blog
  • 12 amazing – and FREE – Blogging tools
  • 8 ways to promote your blog – for FREE
  • SEO *Search Engine Optimisation – How to ensure Google loves your Blog as much as your audience does!
  • How to convert your audience into paying customers.
  • 4 free blogging platforms you could start with, today.

Dates, Prices and Special Offers

The Blogging Excellence workshop is approximately 16hrs of intensive learning and doing.
This will be broken down across four days.

Dates: Monday, 23rd Feb  – Thursday, 26th Feb, 2015
Time: 0945hrs -1345hrs

Prompt time-keeping is appreciated as the workshop is intensive!


I am very pleased to confirm the Social Media Excellence workshop will be hosted by Agroturismo Morna, in Morna Valley, Ibiza.

Agroturismo Morna is easy to find and a perfect setting for learning.

Lunch by Private Chef

Our host throughout is Simon A. Johnson, private chef behind CookIbiza. Simon and team will provide tea, coffee throughout the morning and at 1315hrs each day, serve lunch.

Workshop Price.

»EarlyBird Discount

If booked before midnight, Sunday, 01st February – € 199

»Standard Booking

Applicable to all bookings between Monday, 29th January – Friday, 20th February, 2015 – € 249

» Bring a friend

If you’d like to attend with your partner, friend, etc, you’re invited to a 10% discount per person.
Can be used with Early Bird Discount.

With Early Bird – € 179 per person
Standard -€ 224 per person

» Refresher Discount

Previous students who wish to undertake a refresher course, can book for €149

Payment can be made by either Paypal or in cash but please note, full payment must be received prior to offer ending / Course commencement to secure your place*

You Will Need to Bring with You

To attend the course you will need: –

  • Notepad
  • Pen.
  • Laptop
    – Wifi is provided by the venue.NB. this workshop is ‘hands on’ rather than ‘death by PowerPoint’.
    You’ll learn by doing, hence ‘workshop’ rather than course.
    We want you to leave with experience, not a stack of notes!

Reserve Your Place!

Please use the Contact Form below for any further queries or to reserve your place.


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