Gosh. Hello! πŸ™‚

My name’s Cat.

These ‘About’ pages are often bloggers worst nightmares.

In fairness, we all wear so many hats these days, it’s of little surprise.
Worse still, each of us want to get it right between getting our point across without looking like the biggest bragger since … er, Todd, in Year 9 (I now recall him fondly but at the time… man, what a kn0b)


Professionally I’m an

  • Editor,
  • journalist,
  • iPhoneographer,
  • SEO hot shot and
  • Social Media whiz.

Honestly though, you’re not going to see any of that reflected here.

Nothing’s going to be optimised, (any) accompanying Social Media is going to be sloppy at best.

Why? I’m not doing this for business or to big myself up professionally. I’m just going to be and to share, with what little time I have.


Personally, I’m

  • very un-PC,
  • laugh at fashion (almost daily)
  • love animals (although snakes and spiders are low on that list, admittedly)
  • read like it’s air I’ve got to breathe
  • am an unapologetic geek.
  • get riled at cruelty, thieves, frauds and charlatans and idiots (the latter of which I have to label myself all too frequently.)
  • an obsessive foodie (both cooking and eating out)

Yeah. Good. That’s got everything lined up. Wonder what’s going to get my attention enough to write about it… and I wonder how long before I need a lawyer … πŸ˜‰

Previous Incarnations and assorted links

Ibiza Spotlight,
Former Editor-in-Chief, Global No.1. website for Ibiza, with an audience in the region of 20-22mil annually.

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